catching up on one piece

  • me: no
  • me: oda stop no stop
  • me: sanji no fuck god damn it no
  • me: oda why
  • me: brook no NO
  • me: who are all these women and why do they all suck
  • me: sanji you stupid fuck just STOP IT
  • Franky: Sanji stop assuming Nami's weak she can take care of herself
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: praise be unto my lord and savior, the one true light in the darkness, the only port in this unrelenting storm, my one and only king of the righteous and good

workshop poses


acting cool but checking out the booty like


You’re only strong as your support.

milkfacedbaby asked:

Drawing Max's torso or drawing Jock's torso. This is important. For science.

fuzzy doggie floofy pokechest. rest of pokedog too. dog dog woof.

kiaxet asked:



uggghnnngh uhhh OTO2 has tighter graphics, controls, and more characters but

EBA was my first and my baby


auuuughhhghhhhhh what do I do I can’t… I can’t…………


milkfacedbaby asked:

Earnest Young Men in Gakurans or Not Being Told to Draw More Biceps

Man you drive me nuts with it, but I gotta give you credit: it pushes me to know my muscular anatomy better.

And I am never, ever giving up Earnest Young Men in Gakurans.

Anon or not, make me choose between:

  • Show: _______ or ________ ?
  • Character: ________ or _________ ?
  • Pairing: _________ or _________ ?
  • Anything: ________ or _________ ?


Shiny Kalos Giveaway!

I know the smaller giveaway was the more popular idea, but I also wanted to get as many prizes to as many people as possible, so I’m doing both! This will be the big one and the smaller one will be posted after this one ends! 

There are around 50 Pokemon in this giveaway!


Furfrou - 3

Skiddo - 2

Espurr - 2

Dedenne - 2

Fletchling - 2

Scatterbug - 5

Sylveon - 1

Tyrunt - 2

Amaura - 1

Honedge - 5

Helioptile - 2

Hawlucha - 3

Phantump - 2

Pumpkaboo - 1

Noibat - 1

Skrelp - 1

Bunnelby - 1

Litleo - 1

Flabebe - 5

Clawitzer - 2

Goomy - 2

Bergmite - 2

All Pokemon have at least 1 IV! Most have 3-5 IVs!

Every one is nicknamable, except one of the Furfrou’s. 

All Pokemon were bred or caught by me, except the mentioned Furfrou.

Here is a link to a doc with all the info on the Pokemon, including natures/abilities/IVs - LINK


One reblog = one entry! Likes do not count as entries!

Only one entry per person! No spamming to get more entries! Reblogging more than once will NOT get you disqualified, but it won’t get you any more entries, either.

Pokemon must be recieved on either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.

You must have you ask box open so that I can message you!

You must respond to the first message within 24 hours or you will be disqualified and will NOT recieve your prize!


Winners will get ONE Pokemon as their prize! This is to spread out the prizes to a larger group so more people win.

You do not get to choose the Pokemon you win. They have all been assigned indiviual numbers (I.E. both Goomy’s have different numbers) and when the winners are chosen one of the Pokemon’s numbers will also be chosen.

This is to make a large giveaway easier on everyone - people that have already responded won’t have to wait 24 hours for the others to respond when they are already ready.

I will let you know what Pokemon you will be recieving in my first message. If you don’t want that particular one, you can decline and I’ll draw another name, or you can take it anyway and maybe trade it or something, what ever you want to do with it.

If you decline the Pokemon you won, you WILL NOT recieve another!

If you win a Pokemon like Pumpkaboo that evolves with trade and DO NOT want it to evolve when you recieve it let me know and I’ll give it an Everstone.

Please read the whole post, there is important info above! 

Giveaway ends April 13th at 7PM Pacific time! Winners will be chosen then and messages sent out!

Sorry for the horrible quality photos, I swear I didn’t take them on a potato.